Curve Aqua Pro

Permeable Paver

The Curve Aqua Pro is a standalone permeable paver, it always has the same shape, open voids are 8.5%.

Unique with this design are the joints, they have a convex and concave shape. This provides an excellent resistance against shear towards the neighboring rows. Voids not being parallel completes this resistance against shear towards neighboring rows.

This design is also available as a smaller Retail version with smaller joints. We call this product is the Curve Paver and it is within the Curve Aqua Pro license at no extra cost.

Under “Downloads” you will find the link to the plotter with the real sized product on it.

You can also download a small presentation with more technical data.

Intellectual Property

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Curve Aqua Pro - 8.5% open voids - plot dimensions 30" x 42"

Technical data info package