Kross Paver Pro

Professional Permeable Paver

The Kross Paver Pro is a standalone Permeable Paver. It is a “one piece design”, always having the same shape.

This design has a special shape that interlocks into the neighboring rows. This, in combination with the innovative spacer system, great interlocking results.

The Kross Paver Pro has the latest ADA Regulations in its design.  That results in 8.88% open voids at 12 mm joints.

Dimensions of the stone are 288 x 154 mm or 11.36” x 6.06”

Please note that there is a smaller, more Retail version available as well. This version has smaller joints. Both versions are under the same License at no extra cost.

Under “Downloads” a plotter drawing is available to download.

You can also download a small presentation with more technical data.

Intellectual Property

  •   US - D738,534 S

    CA - 159155






Kross Paver Pro - 12 mm joints - plot dimensions 30" x 42"

Technical data info package