End of November 2015, Infento Inc. has launched its new website, and with that, important changes are made when it comes to openness of information;

  • We stop our existing newsletter system, all subscribers will be notified in December 2015.
  • Existing Licensees will have early access to new products before these products will be made public on our site.
  • Compared to the past, more information will be made accessible on our site.

    From now on, Infento will present all products in a more natural grey color, after listening to

    HOWEVER, we are able to make new renderings in your colors and textures, free of charge, the only thing you have to do, is providing us big size, top view images in high quality of the desired texture and colors, and we will do the rest.This service is only available for existing Licensees.


    Starting 2016 it will be possible to order lightweight, real footprint sized prototypes, in order for you to evaluate the design better, more information and a video you will find under the tab “prototypes” in the top-right navigation bar.

    In February 2016 we have added a webpage with a video player that shows the installation of the different designs, you will find this page under “Videos” at the top navigation bar, or simply click here. Completing all installation videos is an ongoing process, the latest designs are always shown on top, and we hope to have added all designs mid-2016.

    Since July 2016, Infento Inc. has moved to Athens in Ontario, Canada. Athens is situated one hour south of Ottawa and 2.5 hours north of Toronto. You will find our new telephone number and mailing address at the bottom of each page.